Currently, IDI conducts training sessions in three programs such as Multimedia Journalism, Young Human Rights Defenders and Youth Leadership within “ School of Democracy”. Training sessions on Youth Journalism has been being conducted since 2016, while Young Human Rights Defenders and Youth Leadership have been being conducted since 2017. Each training program contains theoretical and practical knowledge helps a participant to contribute in the socio-political life of the country. Until now 5 groups in

Multimedia Journalism and 2 groups in Young Human Rights Defenders participated in training sessions, as well as, the 4th group in Youth Leadership, currently, continue their participation.

IDI observed municipal elections held on December 23, 2014, and final report of elections was published.

IDI conducted and reported the below-mentioned activities during the parliamentary elections of November 1, 2015: The results of pre-election long term observation, media monitoring, monitoring of activity of commissions and court bodies during the election period, observation conducted on the day of elections, monitoring of revision of complaints and appeals by election commissions and courts after the elections were summarized and analyzed and final report of elections was published.

IDI organized legal assistance for the protection of their rights in ConECs, CEC, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The number of persons who received legal assistance in different forms was more than 200. As a result, we prepared more than 70 complains and sent them to the ECtHR. During that time IDI held 40 pieces of training for the organization of impartial and independent observation on the territory of 30 election constituencies. 350 members of IDI and volunteers took part in the pieces of training.

Additionally, IDI expert group prepares steadily reports in human rights and other different areas such as Research on real estate registration in Azerbaijan, report on Inclusive Education, Statistics and Comparative analysis of violations of the presumption of innocence in Azerbaijan in 2018, Research Paper of IDI in connection with religious materials and so on.

Moreover, IDI has following publications: "Audit of Voter Registration", 2014; "Analysis of election legislation: international norms, problems and perspectives", 2015; "Guideline of Journalism,2017"; "Youth Leadership,2018":

Furthermore, IDI created animation series named "Güləhmədin Macəraları "(Adventures of Gulahmad) where the human rights are taught within the ECHR.