Monitoring of Politically Motivated Administrative Arrest in Azerbaijan (2020-2021) - Report

An alumni of the "Young Human Rights Defenders" training program of the Institute of Democratic Initiatives (IDI) prepared the "Monitoring of Politically Motivated Administrative Arrest in Azerbaijan (2020-2021) - Report".

The paper details the national and international laws that regulate administrative detention, provides data on politically motivated administrative detentions in 2020–2021, and shows how international organizations have responded to these detentions.

As a result of our investigation, it was revealed that 88 people were administratively arrested on the basis of political motives in 2020-2021. 57 of them were members of the The Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, and 6 were journalists from various media organizations or independent journalists.

Articles 535.1 (deliberate disobedience of a police officer's legal request) and 211.1 (violation of the anti-epidemic regime, sanitary-hygiene and quarantine regimes) of the Code of Administrative Offenses are the most frequently misused articles when it comes to politically motivated administrative arrests.

By clicking the link below, you may view our report.