The situation of Freedom of Assembly in Azerbaijan - Policy Paper

Freedom of assembly is one of the fundamental human rights.

Assemblies highlights political, social, economic and other problems in the society thereby expanding the coverage zone of protesters by informing third parties about this issue.

Research team from the Institute for Democratic Initiatives prepared research paper about comparing analysis of violation related to interferences in the freedom of assembly from the 1st September of 2016 to 1st May of 2019.

The research paper refers to the news of the websites, namely,, Voice of America,, videos published on YouTube page of  Meydan TV and the questionnaires sent to relevant authorities and political parties.

To conduct research domestic and international legislation, as well as the judgments of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) were studied. So, the interferences and their grounds were determined.

Unlawful interferences during the given period which had been made towards the organizers and participants of the assemblies were noted in the research paper.

As the result of the research, it was concluded that the political assemblies were subject to the highest rate of interferences. There is assessment and evaluation of international organizations operating in human rights about the situation of the freedom of assembly in Azerbaijan.

The document entails recommendations to prevent unlawful interferences in practice and to eliminate the gaps in the legislation.

The present research is of the greatest importance for being the most comprehensive report of this issue since 2014 and covering the current situation.